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Douglas “Dougie” Usseglio (Waltham Youth Hockey)

On March 7, 1993, a beautiful boy was born on a gorgeous sunny Sunday and we were in shock and awe, and we fell in love, all of us – with his tiny perfection.

He never changed. The sun walked with him, always. It shone from inside. He was everyone’s friend. Compassionate. Kind.  A caretaker and giver. He understood irony, humor, the power of a hug. He was never to old, too cool, too macho, too busy to hold his sister’s hand, his mother in an embrace, or any child in his arms. He kissed his grandparents no matter who was looking. He cried when tears were required and laughed ever so long and loud when a joke was in the air. He was a best friend. To so many. To his parents, his sister, his cousins. He never hit the “I hate you” stage. Never ever thought the worst of anyone. If he was naive, at least he was constant. Always looking at the best side. The bright side.  Everyone, he believed,had good in them. You just had to look for it.

Always our beloved. Always an angel.

Photo of Douglas "Dougie" Usseglio
Douglas “Dougie” Usseglio

We lost Dougie on March 6, 2016 and our world will never be the same.

This bio page will be updated in the months to come with the stories of Dougie, his family, his life and our plans for a future without Dougie’s presence.

For now, we are honoring his spirit, his passion, and one of his great loves – the sport, and family, of hockey.