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A Hike for Doug

Today I climbed a mountain with 30 other people. All of them doing it because one person, Dougie,┬átouched them so deeply. And then, 4 more friends from Waltham just approached the mountain and climbed it with a vengeance as we were coming down. My very first day of no anxiety in what has been the most horrific 20 days of my life. I owe it to more people than I can tag who continue to lift us up. Hannah Heinzer my heartfelt gratitude and butterfly prayers. And to my daughter, JuJu, your push and drive to make it to the top when I know you wanted to give up was simply amazing. The pain in your face that last 1/2 hour made me second guess myself in having you do this. But when you just pulled out your inner Spider-Man and did it. I wanted to cry. I’m beyond proud of you. You are stronger and braver than I’ve ever known. As Juju said “we climbed a mountain today. We did it”.